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System Integrator

MESAR/ENVIRONAIR INC. integrates efficient and specifically designed air and water pollution control equipment into your operations.

The Company has developed leading edge skills and technologies to offer a complete range of environmental solutions for the pulp and paper industry such as:

  • Abatement of odorous emissions (NCG/TRS) from pulping processes and;
  • Treatment of contaminated effluents (foul condensates) from pulping processes

Moreover, the full services of MESAR/ENVIRONAIR's research and development are available for process evaluation.

In details, we provide :

  • Analysis of customer's operations and needs to meet existing and future regulations
  • Concept and process design using mathematical modeling analysis and scale pilot experiments validation as required
  • Approval by the customer of the proposed system and solution
  • Systematic project management
  • Computer Aided Design and detailed engineering according to customer standards
  • Complete project implementation including manufacturing and supply of all necessary leading-edge process equipment
  • Unique integrated and patented automation system using the newest control and monitoring technology
  • Complete site assistance at customer's plant including supervision of installation, commissioning and start-up
  • Smooth system integration by training operators and maintenance crews
  • State of the art quality program
  • Personalized after-sales service supported by process and equipment warranty and technology improvement

And we handle :

Conception and design

  • Process flow diagram (with mass and thermal balances)
  • Process and instrumentation diagram
  • Mathematical modeling analysis and scale pilot experiments validation can be achieved to insure and guarantee results


  • Quality Engineering: Design reviews, Security and environmental reviews, Operating reviews (HAZOP)
  • DETAILED ENGINEERING: Mechanical assembly drawing (for each major process equipment), Single line diagram, Block interconnections diagram; Control, PLC I/O and loop wiring diagrams, Control panel/console layout
  • Documentation: Installation manual, Operation and maintenance manual, Programming Manual, Training Manual (option)

Project management and implementation

  • Project plans, organization, lead and control
  • Procurement management

Manufacturing and supply of equipment

Site assistance (at customer's plant) and after-sales service

  • Supervision of installation, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up, Training
  • Full year warranty and troubleshooting support



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