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Product list offer by MESAR/ENVIRONAIR

Pulp and paper industrial custom equipment

  • Cyclone Fiber Separator
  • Cartridge Fiber Separator
  • Eductor Type Fiber Separator
  • Pressure/Vacuum Relief - Water Seal
  • Pressure/Vacuum Relief - Weight and Lever
  • NCG Flame Arrestor
  • NCG Detonation Arrestor
  • NCG Injection Nozzle
  • NCG Steam Ejector
  • NCG Direct Contact Condenser
  • NCG Cooler - Shell & Tube
  • NCG Mist Eliminator
  • DNCG Heater - Shell & Tube
  • DNCG Heater - Steam Coil
  • Rupture disk

Environmental gas treatment system

  • Gas Absorption System
  • Steam Stripping System
  • Mechanical Cyclone
  • Baghouse & Cartridge Filter

Pulp and paper non condensable gas & vapor handling system

  • Blow Heat Recovery System
  • Turpentine Recovery System
  • LVHC NCG Collection, Transport and Treatment System
  • HVLC NCG Collection, Conditionning and Treatment System
  • SO2 Scrubber System



Dynamic Integrated Reagent-Effluent
Control System

DIREC$© is one of the systemized solutions offered by ENVIRONAIR, an expert in industrial gas emission purification systems. This is a unique control system for industrial absorption towers designed to remove air contaminants. Since DIREC$© regulates reagent feed rate according to the actual contaminant concentration, it saves on reagent consumption cost and effluent treatment while ensuring maximum efficiency.

DIREC$© Advantages

  • Minimum reagent consumption
  • No liquid effluent neutralization costs
  • Minimum water consumption
  • Fully automated system
  • No operator required
  • Maximum efficiency guaranteed for ANY contaminant concentration
  • Easy to use: complete control panel with troubleshooting display


Standard systems

In most industrial applications, there are frequent and significant variations in contaminant concentrations in process gas. Therefore, in standard control for gas purification systems, the reagent concentration is chosen to neutralize the maximum expected contaminant concentration. The control of the reagent feed rate is performed by a simple-loop feedback control based on a reading of pH and/or oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in the sump. When the contaminant concentration is below the expected maximum, the standard system leads to a considerable excess of unreacted reagent lost in the blow-down.

As a result, there is a costly loss of unreacted reagent in addition to increased costs of liquid effluent treatment. Moreover, the efficiency of standard systems will significantly decrease whenever the contaminant concentration in gaseous effluent exceeds its expected maximum.

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DIREC$© Technology

DIREC$© technology from MESAR/ENVIRONAIR INC. uses the exact quantity of reagent needed to neutralize the contaminant. This is possible because a "stoichiometric" ratio between reagent and contaminant concentrations is maintained in real time by a multiple-loop control based on measurements at different points. The in-line injection of fresh reagent into the recirculation loop ensures a rapid response time to the contaminant concentration fluctuations in gaseous effluent and eliminates loss of expensive unreacted reagent in the blow-down. Since the whole quantity of reagent is used, the effluent does not need to be neutralized. Moreover, the volume of fresh water needed in the liquid effluent is reduced to a minimum since DIREC$© controls the concentration of the reaction product in the blow-down.

Therefore, DIREC$© saves on both reagent and water consumption and reduces effluent treatment costs significantly. DIREC$© also maintains maximum contaminant removal efficiency since it is dynamically adjusting to the contaminant concentration.

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