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November, 2009

M/E wins ADRIQ award in the category "innovation process"
M/E is a finalist for ADRIQ award in the category "innovation / green"


November, 2008

M/E is a finalist for an ÉNERGIA award in the category "industrial or manufacturing process"


June, 2006

M/E wins PHOENIX Environmental Award for Industrial R&D.


April, 2006

HYDROCARBON PROCESSING magazine publishes article entitled: Minimize Acid Content from Reactor Exit Gases, written by André Normandin, Eng., M.Sc.


March, 2006

M/E supplies SOG system at FANAPEL in Juan Lacaze, Uruguay.


January, 2006

M/E supplies internals for Effluent Stripper Tower and Gas Cooling Tower at MARSULEX in Montreal, QC, Canada.


October, 2005

PULP&PAPER magazine publishes article entitled: Cascades Uses Chlorine Dioxide for Chemical Oxidation of TRS in NCG, written by André Normandin, Eng. M.Sc.


September, 2005

M/E successfully installs CNCG Caustic Scrubber System before Lime Kiln Incineration at SAPPI, Skowhegan, ME, USA.


July, 2005

TAPPI JOURNAL publishes article entitled: Comparative Annual Cost Efficiency Between Thermal and Chemical Oxidation of TRS in Kraft Mills, written by André Normandin, Eng., M.Sc.


April, 2005

M/E supplies Reducing Agent Identification and Implementation for Brome & Bromic Acid Scrubber, and upgrades Benzoic Acid Scrubber at INTERQUISA CANADA in Montreal, QC.

ENVIRONAIR ASIA designs, supplies and installs a 2 000 CFM Odor Scrubber System at TAKASAGO PHILIPPINES INC. in Calamba, Philippines.


December, 2004

M/E signs joint venture with CASTLE INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS INC. to create ENVIRONAIR ASIA office in the Philippines.


ENVIRONAIR ASIA designs and installs 5 000 CFM fume scrubber system at ALLEGRO MICROSYSTEMS PHILIPPINES, INC., in Metro Manila, Philippines.

ENVIRONAIR ASIA supplies a 22 000 CFM oil removal scrubber system at MONDE NISSIN CORP. in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines.


October, 2004

M/E acquires ABSON trademark to make acoustic rooms.


September, 2004

M/E creates partnership with RAUSCHERT PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES.


June, 2004

M/E is finalist for the PHOENIX Environmental Awards in the Sustainable Development category.


April, 2004

PAPERAGE MAGAZINE publishes article entitled: Cascades Mill uses Atomized ClO2 to Oxidize TRS, Optimize NCG Treatment, written by André Normandin, Eng. M.Sc.

M/E supplies sewer vent CHEMICAL OXIDATION SYSTEM at CASCADES FJORDCELL in Jonquière, QC, Canada.

M/E supplies dissolving tank particulate abatement scrubber at SMURFIT STONE in La Tuque, QC, Canada.


November, 2003

LES PAPETIÈRES DU QUÉBEC magazine publishes article entitled: Chemical Oxidation of TRS in a Kraft Mill using Residual Chlorine Dioxide, written by André Normandin, Eng., M.Sc. and Lionel Martel.


March, 2003

André Normandin, Eng., M.Sc. and Lionel Martel obtain RAIMBAULT DE MONTIGNY AWARD for RESEARCH on Chemical Oxidation. Article was published LES PAPETIÈRES DE QUÉBEC.
M/E successfully installs HVLC-NCG chemical oxidation system at CASCADES FJORDCELL in Jonquière, QC, Canada.



Information sheet about ENVIROCLUBMO projects
In the "SPECTUBE'S" mandate, MESAR/ENVIRONAIR analysed the aluminium tube cleaning operation in order to optimize the TCE cleaning process.

This document is available in Adobe Acrobat format: SPECTUBE.PDF (french)
Follow this link to learn more about the PDF format.


March 3, 1999

CRCT's newsletter "The RULE" Volume 1 Issue 3

This document is available in Adobe Acrobat format: TheRULEv1is3.PDF
Follow this link to learn more about the PDF format.


December 21, 1998

CRCT's newsletter "The RULE" Volume 1 Issue 2

This document is available in Adobe Acrobat format: TheRULEv1is2.PDF
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October 14, 1998


ENVIRONAIR finalised its first 1.5 M $ financial agreement with SGF-REXFOR with the giving out of debentures and shares. ENVIRONAIR offers integrated solution for purification of air in the Pulp & Paper industry. Some of its technologies have even been patented. With the recent environmental regulations in the United States, ENVIRONAIR plans to grow significantly in the upcoming years.


September 11, 1998

First publication of "The RULE"

The Cluster Rule Compliance Team (CRCT) published its first issue of " The RULE ", a quarterly newsletter published by ENVIRONAIR and USFilter for the Pulp & Paper Professionals. You will find interests within the following subjects:

- Technical Articles

- Case Studies

- "Cluster Rule" update

- Recent/Upcoming CRCT Activities

- Recent Projects Award

This document is available in Adobe Acrobat format: theRULEv1is1.PDF
Follow this link to learn more about the PDF format.


April 15, 1998

Cluster Rule update

April 15th is the official release date of the Cluster Rule & Federal Register publication. The Cluster Rule became effective on June 30th, 1998. The following is a snapshot of the Final rule's impact to pulp mills:

Air: The final air rule covers MACT1 emissions (non-combustion sources from pulping and bleaching operations at chemical and semi-chemical wood pulping mills); and MACT III emissions (non-combustion sources from mills that mechanically pulp wood, pulp secondary fibers, or pulp non-wood materials, and those that use paper machine additives and solvents)*.

* Information source : EPA, United States Environmental Protection Agency


April 2, 1998

Cluster Rule Update - Imminent publication in the Federal Register

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) had sent the final and "ready-to-print" version of the Cluster Rule to the Office of Federal Register for official publication. According to reliable sources, the expected official publication date should be during the week of April 20th, 1998.

The official promulgation date of the Cluster Rule is on the same date as Federal Register publication and the rule will be effective 60 days after publication.

As requested by the Cluster Rule, the three-year and eight-year compliance periods for existing sources start at the date of promulgation (Federal Register publication). The compliance date for new sources (sources installed after the Cluster Rule Proposal on December 17th, 1993) is upon effective or startup, whichever comes later.


March 23, 1998

"Cluster Rule Compliance Team" Logo

Disclosure of the new "Cluster Rule Compliance Team" logo, a team composed of familiar organizations to the pulp and paper industry like U.S.Filter/Aquaflow, U.S.Filter/HPD, U.S.Filter/Envirex, U.S.Filter/Jet Tech and ENVIRONAIR.


March 2, 1998

A First Contract for the "Cluster Rule Compliance Team"

United States Filter Corporation (U.S.Filter, NYSE:USF) and ENVIRONAIR will supply a crystallizer and NCG system to the FjordCell mill in Jonquière, Québec. This system is the first awarded contract for the strategic marketing alliance between U.S.Filter Corporation and ENVIRONAIR This alliance is an integral part of the Cluster Rule Compliance Team.


Febuary 24, 1998

ENVIRONAIR has patented a new kind of
dynamic process control

U.S. Patent # 5,720,926 : Apparatus for Removing a Contaminant from a Gas

With this patent, ENVIRONAIR reveals a new way for the process control of absorption towers (scrubbing towers) in order to minimize the use of chemical reagents. In air pollution control, absorption is a well-known method for pollution control. It is usually performed with the use of a chemical active scrubbing liquid that reacts with the pollutant. For economical reasons, the use of chemical reagents should be minimized. Due to fluctuations in the concentration of pollutants, it is difficult to maintain high removal efficiency without an excess of reagents. Thus the present patent shows a new kind of dynamic process control to optimize the use of chemical reagents while maintaining high removal efficiency. The dynamic process control uses a dual loop control, which gives a faster response in time compared to the simple loop feedback control system.


December 8, 1997

ENVIRONAIR and U.S.Filter/HPD from Naperville, Illinois, have entered into an alliance that combines their respective forces.

This commercial alliance between U.S.Filter/HPD, a world leader in the Pulp and Paper industry, that designs and supplies technologies related to evaporation and stripping, and ENVIRONAIR, a process company that specializes in environmental solutions for the Pulp and Paper industry related to condensate, NCG and chlorinated gases, creates a leader in integrated environmental solutions for the pulp and paper industry.

U.S.Filter/HPD and ENVIRONAIR The agreement establishes an exclusive mutual alliance for the pulp and paper industry in North America and designates ENVIRONAIR as the exclusive representative for U.S.Filter/HPD in Québec, Ontario and Atlantic Provinces.


November 14, 1997

"Cluster Rule"

Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally issued the "Cluster Rule". This action will reduce releases of toxic pollutants from pulp, paper, and paperboard mills to air and water. According to EPA Administrator, Ms. Carol Browner, it will "virtually eliminate dioxin discharges into waterways and reduce many other toxic pollutants into air and water from the nation's pulp and paper mills". EPA have created an information site ( that includes regulatory information, fact sheets, supporting documents, and technical contacts.

ENVIRONAIR will release on his website a complete summary of the "Cluster Rule" including major requirements for mills.


November 5, 1997

Cluster Rule Update - Imminent signature

Following recent informations, the Cluster Rule will be signed by Ms. Carol Browner between November 6, 1997 and Novembre 11, 1997. Full texte should be available in the EPA website within 24 hours after signature.


October 15, 1997

Nomination - M. Lionel Martel as Vice-President Technology for the Pulp and Paper Division

Mr. Gary Whipp, C.E.O. and President of ENVIRONAIR announces the nomination of Mr. Lionel Martel as Vice-President Technology for the Pulp and Paper Division. M. Martel will add his 40 years of experience in the kraft pulping and processes to our expertise in this field.



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